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February 26, 2015

Real Comfort Food

Buzz Word: Comfort Food

With all the snow, that's about all people are talking about- what to eat. This very morning I heard the folks on the radio talking about comfort food. But seriously, fast food hamburgers and fries? That's not comforting, that's fattening and bad for you. Comfort food smells up your kitchen and makes you feel warm and happy inside and out. Since we can't go anywhere what better thing to do than make a big pot of steaming hot soothing soup?

People must be cooking something. Did you see the lines at the grocery store? It's insane. Obviously people don't have as much in the freezer and in the pantry as I do. I must be a food hoarder. But I could eat well for a month.

Some of my best soup recipes came straight from freezer left overs.

Anytime you have left over pork roast put it in the freezer. Then on clean out day, add that left over pork and tomato soup to the pot with fresh basil and pasta. A real time and money saver.
Roasted Pork and Pasta Stew

Get that ham bone from Christmas dinner out of the freezer!
White Bean and Ham

Other comfort foods

Posted by terri at February 26, 2015 08:59 PM